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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Swan Upping 2009

Two swans and three cygnets got caught this year by the swan uppers down near the Margaret Brown Gardens.

The swans were weighed and health checked, and the cygnets ringed before being released.

Their work done, for another year, the swan uppers rowed the last stretch by St Helen's Church...

then they performed the Royal Toast by Abingdon Bridge.

For the first time Her Majesty the Queeen was there to watch the start of the Swan Upping near Windsor.

Like every year the citizens of Abingdon were there at the end.


Blogger Martin G said...

I always miss this - so annoyed!

25 July 2009 13:48  
Anonymous Charming Man said...

That's fowl, Martin. You must be cygnet as a parrot.

27 July 2009 12:45  

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