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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Scouting on The Market Place

Abingdon and District Scouts were holding a promotional event on Abingdon Market Place.

There are plenty of youngsters who want to join, but there are often not enough adults to lead.

When it comes to some of the more exciting activities like fire making then the ratio of leaders to scouts is important.

So this event was not just to appeal to the youngsters but also to the adults. The need for adult helpers not only applies to scouts but to most youth groups.


Anonymous Hester said...

Yes - there is a very sad story on the Herald website about a pre-school in South Abingdon which is in danger of closing after 40+ years due to lack of volunteers on its Committee.

11 July 2009 22:30  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

The scouts are a great organisation for youngsters. Travel, adventure, learning skills, meeting friends, building confidence. I really enjoyed my time with them...

13 July 2009 12:52  
Blogger District Commissioner said...

We all had great fun on Saturday and it was very successful, we want to offer the Scouting experience to many more young people. Nationally we have 30,000 young people on the waiting lists who cannot join because we need more adults to help us.
Volunteering is beneficial in many ways - the feel good factor and the bank balance to name but two. 73% of employers choose someone with volunteering experience over one who has none so together with the comments of 'this charming man', we have a winning formula....come and join the adventure.

14 July 2009 00:31  

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