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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rain at the start of the Holidays

The school holidays have begun.

Through the rain you can just about make out the digger, and cones already to start work. Trinity is getting some drainage work done, involving a trench across the road. It has been planned for the school holidays when it should cause least disruption.

At the top of Coopers Lane it looks like there is a lot of surface water as the rain comes down which reminds me, it is two years since the floods. It began on Saturday 21st July 2007, and people woke up early on Sunday 22nd July to flooded houses.


Blogger Ben said...

Two years ago, some of us woke up on our first wedding anniversary to flooded houses ... or at least to a flooded road, though living in a 2nd floor flat did offset the inconvenience.

21 July 2009 08:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two years ago some of us were wading knee deep in water in our living room on our 7th wedding anniversary..and I always thought it was paper for a first wedding anniversary and wool for a seventh... not mucky river water!

22 July 2009 23:40  

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