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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Not Too Late for This One

Have you ever dreamed of kayaking, rowing or sailing on the River Thames in Abingdon. Now is your chance to try it for free between 10am and 3pm this Saturday at Wilsham Road Abingdon.

Commodore Tim from the Abingdon Sailing Club was there under the County Hall to encourage you to make your dream come true.

I see in the Abingdon Herald that vjp, drayton says about the Dalton Barracks event last weekend...

"Why do we always get to know about these events after they've been held? Where can we find information beforehand?"

For some there is the new Abingdon Diary , the Town Council Events Page and the Herald Events.

It is a two sided problem. There are people putting a lot of effort into staging events but then not able to publicise them quite so well, and people wanting things locally TO DO, and missing things like vjp.

So any ideas? Like anyone younger than me willing to do an Abingdon Face Book or Twitter or text subscribers 'What's Happening' a few days before about local happenings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Ginger Guy here, I'll do a twitter if you like? I'm happy enough to do one.

8 July 2009 00:17  
Blogger Steven said...

I agree with vjp. I walk through Abingon town center every day, read all the notices and posters I see, look at the Abingdon diary, read the Oxford mail every day, look at this blog every day, yet still very often the first I hear of an event is when pictures of it appear on this blog!

Seems odd that a lot of effort is put into organizing events and then very little is done to publicize them. For example, the international music event on the Abbey park a month or so ago must have required a lot of organization to set up, but the only publicity I saw was a tiny notice on the council notice board on the corner of the market square where few people pass by. These things need big posters in shop windows and prominent places. The worst case I can remember was last year when there was a parade for returning soldiers and few people turned out, because the only publicity had been a tiny little notice in the Abingdon Herald the day before.

Anyway... I am prepared to help Ginger Guy out with setting up something on twitter and facebook.

8 July 2009 07:12  
Blogger Abingdonblogger said...

I am a little younger than you I think 30). I'll try to do an abingdon what's on blog...I've set up a blog and here's a link

- nothing posted yet but watch this space

8 July 2009 10:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I looked on the link on the Abingdon diary to find out what time the Dalton Barracks day was and there was no info at all! It wasn't even clear whether it was just for the Forces families or the public.

8 July 2009 12:14  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

This always happens to me too. I always miss out.

I came home from work early today to surpise the wife, and the milkman was climbing out of the bedroom window. Turns out the wife had called him in after seeing a UFO outside, and he was on the ledge trying to get a better look at it.

I couldn't spot it either, tsk...

8 July 2009 20:53  
Anonymous That Ginger Guy said...

I'll made a account on twitter and slowly adding events to a queue which will get posted at set times.

May make sense if otcn want control over account as it wouldn't take any effort for them to run it as they manually update that page.

The url to it is

8 July 2009 23:30  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Thanks. I'll add the links. Good luck.

8 July 2009 23:33  
Anonymous That Ginger Guy said...

Anybody who wants to tweet to the twitter account.. could you please leave your username here?

10 July 2009 16:10  
Anonymous backsqueaker said...


11 July 2009 10:03  

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