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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Corner Pharmacy

At the corner of Spring Road and Edward Street a new pharmacy is preparing to open. They describe themselve as 'a new extended hours pharmacy close to the Community Hospital, with strong links to local health carers.'

The shop use to be creative corner - now moved down to near the double roundabout at the bottom of Spring Road, where the model shop used to be. The model shop also originally came from Edward Street but I don't know where it went.

I did mention the new pharmacy to two Ock Street residents, who don't have a car, and they said they'd rather have somewhere they could buy bread and a pint of milk - lots of takeaways and pubs down that way but no convenience store. Even the Off-Licence has stopped doing milk because not enough people used it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Model shop relocated to Bideford in North Devon.

23 July 2009 12:47  
Blogger Annabel Gaskell said...

I still mourn the loss of the West End News shop and Post Office, which was on the corner of Exborne Rd and Spring Rd, living as I do just yards away. I used it almost daily for the PO, papers, milk and bits and pieces. A convenience store at our end of town would be brilliant, and save getting the car out to pop to Tesco etc.

Still it is good to see it staying a shop. The PO got converted into flats.

23 July 2009 14:59  
Anonymous Charming Man said...

I heard the model shop was packed away and put in the loft.

24 July 2009 12:17  

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