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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Mayor of Ock Street - 2009

Today was the election of Mayor of Ock Street. After the ballet box was made ready for the good citizens of Ock Street, dancing began at around 10:15 outside the The Black Swan. This years' visitors were...

Chipping Campden who say on their website 'Morris is life affirming ... and a bit daft.'

Saddleworth were also there

with colourful hats, and tough northern cloggs that left a lasting impression on Abingdon's pavements.

and Berkshire Bedlam can be seen performing a dance that is so dangerous they never rehearse it. Their website says they are "rated amongst the top 99% of all Morris sides in the country"

and the hosts were The Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers.

As always between the dances there was some parading around.

The Mayor came to watch, and then to help in the counting of the votes.

And at 4:15 the result of the election was announced, and very close it was too. Mr Roger Cox was re-elected for the third year in a row with a slender majority of two. That microphone is from BBC Radio 4 who are covering the event for their Saturday Morning Program - to be broadcast at 9 am on 27th June.

In these dark days where many of our elected MPs have been found to be on the make, I hope that Roger, the Mock Mayor, whose only payment is an occasional free beer, will set a shining example to our nation.


Anonymous John said...

and isn't that Ewart Hemmings, a former, and Labour Party Mayor of Abingdon. Hopefully not the last???

15 June 2009 21:34  

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