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Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Battle of Radley Lakes

A historical bike tour round Abingdon happened today - at the end of Bike Week.

The route was round many older monuments but ended up at Radley Lakes - where we heard a graphic account of the Greenpeace occupation and the balaclava'd security men and the ousting of the spotted crested newts.

The battle of Radley Lakes will soon become a thing of myths.

On the way back to Abingdon we stopped at this 'For Sale' sign. The lake has been landscaped following gravel extraction and is near the Abingdon Science Park off the N5 Sustrans bike track.

Adkins have all the details. Its says 'Suitable for a Range of Leisure and Environmental Activities'

Probably best to ask Adkins about that range before buying. But I would think Fly Ash Dumping and Mink Farming are out.


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