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Thursday, 18 June 2009

From our Allotment Correspondent II

Hello, Abingdon, Here's our progress at the West End Allotments since my earlier pix.

There's now peas being picked, and the long view shows the potatoes and the bean sticks ready for the runner beans; also the courgettes..

They say there's a waiting list for allotments, but there's plenty of unused land here!!



Anonymous John said...

As the allotment holder here, I'd say that we're very fortunate in Abingdon to have 3 seed merchants in the town centre who sell in bulk - eg beans peas and potatoes. This helps to produce in amounts good for freezing, not to mention overcoming the weeds!

I think our town council might do more to actively promote our allotments; especially at this time.

19 June 2009 21:36  
Blogger PrettyPrincess said...

If it hadn't been for your photos on the blog I wouldn't have known that there were allotments in Abingdon, and would certainly have assumed that there was a long waiting list. Very inspiring before and after photos!

20 June 2009 15:15  
Anonymous John said...

Pretty Princess is right; many just don't know.. I rest my case!

22 June 2009 21:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interested to know where the seed merchants are in Abingdon. I'm aware that Seeneys sell some but who am I missing ?

24 June 2009 13:33  

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