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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Abingdon Revealed

George and Margaret, my parents in law, are staying for a few days. So I asked them to come back with views of Abingdon for the blog.

First is this Abingdon or Amsterdam? Not used to quite so many bikes in the hills of Cumbria.

George thought they were doing the drains but I know they are filling up with water for the blooms.

He saw these two with what looked like a long skipping rope. They were actually measuring up for a big lorry that's coming in a week or two that may overhang the walkway.

George wondered whether this could be a horse park.

Also, George takes a pride in his bank, and is going to write to the HSBC bank to say he is disappointed how dirty the outside of their Abingdon building is compared to the one where he comes from in Cumbria.


Blogger patricia said...

I agree about the dirt on all the buildings in dear Abingdon. We live in a 300+ old house in Morlands brewery development and we have noticed that our white paintwork and inside is getting dirty much quicker than it used to. I believe it is pollution from Didcot Power Station combined with stationary traffic jams through the new traffic system on Ock Street and Stratton way. What does everyone else think? Plus it wouldn't hurt for retailers and building owners to clean their windows and sills more often would it?

26 June 2009 12:40  

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