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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Goodbye 35A, Hello X2

By this time next week there will no longer be a 35A bus. From Sunday it will be replaced by the X2.

Notices at the stops say "Buses on route 35A... will be replaced by new city X2 running direct between Oxford and Abingdon via the A34 and Oxford Road... "

The 35A has long been the bus connecting South Abingdon with the world beyond. It follows a circuitous route through Radley and Kennington to Oxford, or to Milton Park and Didcot.

The new X2 will be a direct route to Oxford - something South Abingdon has long needed. The bus also continues to go to Didcot for people needing Milton Park, Didcot Power Station, or Didcot Girls School.

New timetables for the X2, and re-timed 35, were available on the bus for the first time today, and from the oxford bus company website. Regarding the 35, which still follows the old route from Abingdon to Oxford via Radley, notices say "... delays will be reduced because there will be no knock-on effect from south of Abingdon."


Blogger Martin G said...

Great News!!

I've long bemoaned the loss of the old X32.

28 May 2009 20:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now the Stagecoach company has put out the new timetable for the 31. Those of us at Hinksey Hill top aren't happy. My daughter caught the 7.37 a.m. to school, will now have to catch the 7.07, and then the buses are hourly from 7.52 or thereabouts. Of course also hourly back from Oxford, meaning a very long wait, and last one is at 11.00 p.m. It feels like a curfew.

7 July 2009 14:23  

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