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Sunday, 31 May 2009

New Energy and Fitness Centres

On the Market Place, Heelas Heating were letting people know that their new eco friendly heating and energy showroom will be opening at 83 Vineyard on Sunday June 7th. They have a good web site, and good taste in dogs.

It was another beautiful day. This horse and carriage were heading up Stratton Way towards a wedding. It was a good day for weddings. And a good day for the Abbey Meadow and Open Air Pool. If anything they were even more packed than last weekend.

Another new business opened up down Ock Street... Club 100, a new fitness centre. They kicked off their first day with a Community Weight Loss Challenge.. Biggest Loser wins the £200 prize.

The Ock Street Traffic queue is, of course, not so new...


Blogger eddieh said...

Still committed to going to Results and anyway it looks like a women only gym.

30 May 2009 21:19  

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