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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Euro Rock in the Park

At the Abbey Grounds today, bands from Abingdon and the twin towns were performing...

Here are a few of them flying the flag before it kicked off.

I was very impressed by the first band from Sint Niklaas. In fact all the bands were good.

People were going crazy for the European Commission stall.

The Town Council organised the event, and the commission sponsored it, and were giving away free stuff like blue T-shirts and bags with the Euro flag on the front. Here wearing the T shirts are the MC, and the main organiser.

The last band on were Le Vens. They may sound kind of French but they were one of the two Abingdon Bands. The other was the Black Hats.

This is part of the 'Le Vens' fan club.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeh! thats was sooo fun i got LOASDSA free stuff!!
the music was great and so was the climbing wall!
oh and the food! lol great family day out!
i cant wait for dragon boat racing tomorrow.. this weekend is the best!!! :)

9 May 2009 17:06  

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