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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tate Abingdon

Three more Venues in Abingdon from Oxfordshire Artweeks...

First to St Ethelwolds House where there is an exhibition by the East St Helens Street Group...

It includes pottery, painting, and photography.

This was my wife's favourite picture.

Second exhibition was in the O6 gallery at John Mason School where the work was by their Artist in Residence, Lucy Baxandall...

She likes making pictures with lots of little houses - lots of individual worlds within a bigger world.

And making objects from recycled paper. This is something very deep. Its about memory - a Core Sample of the strata in our own minds going deep down to the most compressed earliest memories.

Lastly to Larkmead School to see the work of their Artist in Residence, Catherine Lucktaylor...

Some of these look a bit spooky. Her work is about folklore in her West African and British homelands

with pictures of iconic black women.

The last two exhibitions are only during school hours and you need to sign in at reception.


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