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Monday, 18 May 2009

Alencon to Abingdon

There was a delay before they were 'liberated' in Alencon. A rain belt was obstructing the flight path from France into England.

But at 09.30 on Saturday 16th May 2009 this anxious group in Abingdon got the news...

"We have Lift-Off! Birds liberated at 09.30 in a S.W.Wind. A fast race is expected so be on your guard."

The first Abingdon pigeon was clocked back at 13.40.

A great effort but it did not win. Those with the wind behind them, all the way to their home, do have an advantage. It's average speed that matters.

All safe home, and the younger birds are then let out.

The birds fly in large circles, never getting out of sight of the coop, until their need to eat overcomes their desire to fly.

(Thanks to Alan and Jill for letting us watch their birds.)


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