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Friday, 15 May 2009

A Plague of Caterpillars

These caterpillars have laid waste a Spindle Tree in Abingdon. I am told they also had a go at it last year.

If it carries on like this there will be no Spindle alongside the Crown and Thistle, and the Spindle Ermine Moths will have nowhere to leave their eggs.

Thanks to Michael for the Pictures.

Also from another source...

On Friday 22nd May Peachcroft Christian Centre will be showing THE AGE OF STUPID in their community cinema. In the film a man living alone in the devastated world of 2055, looks back at ‘archive’ footage from 2007 and asks: why didn’t we stop this we had the chance? Doors open 7.00pm. Entry £2.50.


Blogger Keirdre said...

Blimey, that is a lot of caterpillars.

15 May 2009 22:34  
Anonymous hester said...

Re the film show, there is an interesting choice of events that evening - it is competing with David Cameron's public meeting at at Larkmead School! (More details of both on

16 May 2009 09:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

enough silk there to make a sari

17 May 2009 00:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeh! LOL! its kinda freaky tho...

17 May 2009 19:56  
Blogger Mark Thornton said...

Why doesn't Dave come along to the film???

19 May 2009 09:10  

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