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Friday, 24 April 2009

From Our West End Correspondent

Where in Abingdon is This?

Once, I am told by John, who sent the pictures, all the land was taken up, but now, in many places, "only the persistent daffodils are a reminder of its former use."

The lane leads to the West End Allotments, the other side of the A34 off the Marcham Road.

Allotments have recently become popular again. This was happening before the recession, so it is not just austerity.

Allotments are run by allotment associations on land leased from the Town Council. A few years ago the Drayton Road Allotments (also in Abingdon) were partly taken out of use, and fenced off because not enough plots were being used. Alternative uses were sought. But this year the Town Council is taking down the fences, and helping to clear the land since there is a growing waiting list there.

Finally, John Says "there's my rough and ready half plot but with grandchildren's help there are peas and potatoes already sewn!"


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