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Friday, 3 April 2009

The end of the run. ...

The festival is drawing to a close. On Board One above, at the library, are just some of the shows that have happened over the last two weeks of the 2009 Abingdon Arts Festival. On Board Two is the biggest production of them ALL ... Oklahoma - staged by the Abingdon Operatic Society.

I was there tonight, on the Balcony at the Amey Theatre, near a lady critic scribbling comments on a pad. Finally she wrote and underlined "A GOOD PRODUCTION!"

"Competitors may collect their prints from Cafe Zeko on Saturday 4th April when they take the exhibition down, at 4.30 pm."

Winning entries from the Abingdon Camera Club competition can be seen until tomorrow, the last day of the Abingdon Arts Festival.

Also the April edition of Community Times Abingdon will be the last publication for the foreseeable future. Linda and Martin are busy people and can no longer "dedicate the time and commitment to maintaining the quality and integrity of the magazine."


Anonymous hester said...

This is a shame - Abingdon needs something like this. The Abingdon Diary gives a basic "Whats On" list but we need more than that.

This time last year the Town Council asked for expressions of interest in producing a community newsletter but I guess they didn't get any. If anyone out there would be interested in giving it a go I would be happy to help - and the Abingdon Diary could probably be incorporated into it. I can be contacted via

4 April 2009 20:16  

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