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Saturday, 14 March 2009

French Market

There will be just the one French Market this year according to the Town Council web site.

Last year there were three. Instead there will be a Mamma Mia Italian Market (Friday, 26th - Sunday, 28th June), and a Continental Market (Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th October) later in the year.

Anyway we got some really good cheese called Comte. Not what he is cutting. That is something soft and gooey.

Attracted by the crowds were these folks in bright blue fleeces giving away postcards promoting something. I couldn't tell you what.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know there was a captions request for your fairtrade banana photo but surely the last photo on here is also just awaiting a caption as well. I love the cheeriness of the two blue fleeced ones contrasted with the lady with the shopping trolley!

15 March 2009 10:03  
Anonymous This Charming Manc said...

She's just seen the price of the cheese...

16 March 2009 13:35  

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