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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

An exploratory dig

It looks as though an exploratory dig has begun next to the County Hall museum.

The architect presumably needs to check the lay of the land before drawing up the designs for the proposed lift which would go down to the basement and up to the first floor

(P.S. as commenters have said this is the archaelogical dig before the architect gets a look in)


Blogger Steven said...

There is a sign by the digging saying 'Oxford Archeology' and an emergency phone number.

12 March 2009 11:44  
Blogger Mark Thornton said...

I think around here they are obliged to call in archeologists before any major construction work?

12 March 2009 13:35  
Blogger Helen said...

What an amazing amount of prep work .... WOW!

12 March 2009 22:16  

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