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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Coop D'Etat

It appears there has been a Coop D'Etat.

The Chinese State Circus has now more posters

in Abingdon than Zippo's Circus.


Anonymous This Charming Manc said...

Surely this kind of flyposting is illegal?

17 March 2009 12:18  
Blogger Mark Thornton said...

Is 'coop' this a pun? Surely 'Coup d'Etat', or am I missing something.

Of course, if they'd manage to flypost the new supermarket on West St Helen Street, that would be a Co-op d'Etat...

17 March 2009 18:51  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

I'm not sure how circuses get away with it, or how they get into all those closed up shops. It could be a trade secret. I'll try to find out.

Co-op on the brain is how the error got through. But now you mention it, that window is near the Co-op. Lol!

17 March 2009 23:16  

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