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Monday, 16 March 2009

Change of Era

The decorators have been working over Sunday. The outside has already been transformed. Its the start of a new Era in Stert Street.

This is how the barber and hairdressers looked until recently, and when I last blogged it in 2006.

This is how it looked when they won the best themed shop competition in 2005. They had transformed the premises into a mediaval tavern, serving Barber's Brew.

Dick, one of the best known people in Abingdon, has now retired from running the premises and working full time, and other staff are taking over the reins. People tell me he has been there for over 50 years, and some remember him cutting their hair back then.

Here he is after being presented with the best themed shop trophy from Wesley Smith, and Geraldine McNulty during the Christmas extravaganza of 2005. (Thanks to Lesley for sending me these last two.)


Anonymous Alan Lovedog said...

i've had my hair cut there ever since i moved to abingdon at the age of 10 - i'm 36 now!
for a long time i was convinced it was called hairos ( it was actually called hair 80s but the 8 had fallen down ) - such are the thoughts in a childs mind.
whenever i visit there's often a hairdresser doing nothing while a queue waits - because the people announce that they are waiting for roy or, as always amuses my childish sense of humour, they are 'waiting for dick '

16 March 2009 17:22  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

I used to go to the one where Paul Viney photography is now, and there could watch my golden locks rolling to the floor. Now I go wherever I think the queue will be quickest, and the locks have turned from gold to silver.

17 March 2009 23:34  

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