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Monday, 2 March 2009

Zippo is Coming!

Somerfield have the decorators at work. Meanwhile, in Woolworths opposite, Zippo Circus posters have appeared on the doors.

Zippo circus posters have appeared all over Abingdon.

The circus will be in Oxford at the end of the month. Before that it will visit Stevenage and then Billesley near Birmingham - which explains why I have seen the same Zippo posters in the odd empty shop in Solihull. Their Woolworths is also still empty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How very appropriate given Zippo's Abingdon connections - Martin Burton (AKA Zippo) having gone to St Helen and St Katherine (when very small), Dunmore and Abingdon Boys School - refers.

3 March 2009 19:08  
Anonymous George said...

You might think that Abingdon School would want to keep quiet about this particular former pupil - but no! Check out the photo's from the school's 750th anniversary celebrations ( - acrobats from Zippo's circus were there!

3 March 2009 21:56  

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