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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Abingdon Arts Festival - with Mostly Books

Mostly Books had a busy first day of the Arts Festival. There were two authors doing talks in the Roysse Room at the Guildhall, and one at the Amey Theatre.

First off in the Roysse Room was Tommy Donbevand with his children's book 'A Visit to Scream Street'

Next followed Professeur Richard Fortey, one time senior palaeontologist at the Natural History Museum, now turned science author and 'Secret Life of...' author.

Here he is with 'The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum'.

And lastly Dr Phil Hammond at the Amey Theater. Dr Phil spoke with humour and openness on the NHS and health matters - with Buddy, his resusitation dummy. He was there with his book -

Trust Me, I'm (Still) a Doctor

Thanks to Mark from Mostly Books for the photo ops. The Mostly Books blog could well have better pictures when they get a bit of time to catch up. And in her blog Annabel has a close up with Doctor Phil.


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My report on Phil Hammond is now up at

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