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Friday, 27 February 2009

Where Floods and Traffic Meet

This evening half of Preston Road Community Centre had been booked for a consultation on The Vale's Local Development Framework Plan. It was not enough.

By the start of the meeting, the room inside was packed and people started to wait outside until the other half of the hall became free.

An independent consultant was there to record people's views as part of a report to be presented to the Vale. The presentation was given a second time to those who had waited outside.

Everybody then took part in round table discussions.

Why all the interest? 1500 new houses could be built in South Abingdon: an area of traffic congestion, and of flooding; and an area with a lack of amenities. People saw those 1500 houses making the problems of traffic and flooding in the area worse. There were big doubts about a proposed new road round the area.


Anonymous hester said...

How interesting that this meeting was packed - the first one in the Guildhall a few weeks ago was reasonably well attended but not exactly mobbed. Is it because of better publicity (if so, how and by whom?), or because people in South Abingdon have a more direct interest in this part of the plan. Either way it is good to see genuine local participation - but Councillors should try to understand what works and what doesn't and use these lessons to achieve MORE successful meetings.

27 February 2009 08:27  
Anonymous Alan Lovedog said...

my parents certainly received documentation of some sort informing them that the meeting existed - don't think they did for any previous one.
maybe that combined with the river creeping too close to the houses for comfort a couple of weeks back had the effect.

27 February 2009 16:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think local lib dems set up the meeting and delivered leaflets around the area?

27 February 2009 20:43  

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