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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Slow Wet Tar

Up Victoria Road there were warnings of 'SLOW WET TAR' and 'NO PARKING SAT 28 FEB'

and along Bostock Road 'NO ROAD MARKINGS.'

Here is just some of the Slow Wet Tar getting spread at the unmarked junction of Bostock Road and Mullard Way.

The road up to St Michael's Church had by then already been tarred - apart from a small area near the top.


Anonymous herbert-u said...

Hello Blogger, any idea what has happened to the BP Garage at the Vine Yard, it seems to have closed down and the shelfs are all empty. Now the only places for Petrol are Tesco and Esso and you certainly do not want to try and get there in rush hour. Herbert-u

28 February 2009 15:46  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

I hear they need to put in a new manager then it will re-open.

28 February 2009 18:20  

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