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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

South East - Heaviest Snow in 18 years ...

The three of us, who lift share from Oxford to Birmingham, agreed to return home early - given the snow fall, and the predictions of worse to come. We have been caught out before. When I got home...

The snow did not quite reach Queen Victoria's skirts.

Trendell's Folly was still recognisable.

The path through the Abbey Gardens to the lake was passable with very little care.


Anonymous Alan Lovedog said...

given all the hype on the news of 'worst snow for the south in 18 years'i was distinctly underwhelmed at the snow in abingdon today - not even enough for a snowbaby let alone a snowman.
had it worse than this the year before last.

2 February 2009 20:16  
Anonymous This Charming Manc said...

Southern softies. I walked to work in my Speedos that morning...!

4 February 2009 13:24  

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