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Friday, 13 February 2009

Ock Dams

As the comments from yesterday's post say: the level of the River Ock has stabilised, and is receding further upstream.

This picture by John is what he calls the 'Ock Mini Dam.'

The environment agency have a notice in this week's Abingdon Herald announcing the demolition of St. Helens Mill footbridge. So unless anybody can come up with convincing environmental grounds why it should stay, it could be gone by the end of March.

This second dam is where the River Ock meets the Drayton Road. No plans to demolish this.

(For more Flood Pictures: see Gulliver's Travels, or NB The Green Man in the local blogs list.)


Blogger valonia said...

The water level at the marina is up slightly from last night. Our poor cat, Lolly, fell off the boat and had a little swim.

13 February 2009 13:41  

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