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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Unintended Sculptures

The GHQ Line (General Headquarters Line) is a 300 mile anti-tank defence built during World War II to contain the expected German invasion.

It used natural defences like the River Thames and the River Ock. But where there were no natural defences a trench was dug.

Every half mile there is Pillbox fort, like the one above overlooking the River Ock near the Ladygrove Estate - decorated with grafitti outside and in.

On the other side of the Ock a ditch was dug across the fields...

The ditch could not connect right up to the Ock or it would have changed the flow. And so there are about fifteen of these Concrete Dragons Teeth packed together as a defence between River and ditch. Only a few are visible through the reeds in recent years.

The area of the dragon's teeth - within a curve of the River Ock - is just left to itself and the trees do their own thing,

creating strange sculptures out of themselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

..Interesting stuff, and terrifying to realise how little chance we would have had against the wermacht!
. don't understand the logic of the ditch joining Abingdon to Appleton!!

17 February 2009 22:49  
Anonymous Alan Lovedog said...

when i was a kid, that abandoned air raid shelter was THE place to find abandoned porn magazines for some reason...

17 February 2009 23:00  
Anonymous This Charming Manc said...

You can see a few of these structures on the Radley to Didcot train journey, usually along the edge of fields.

Those were to distract the enemy, Alan.

18 February 2009 12:43  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

I removed Appleton as I was not sure of my logic either. I remember piles of burnt free newspapers when we used to go down that way. It was a way of finishing the round I suppose.

18 February 2009 20:27  
Blogger Helen said...

Fascinating bit of history .....

20 February 2009 00:40  

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