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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Public Meeting on Draft Area Plan

Leaflets were being delivered to houses in South Abingdon, telling of a Public Meeting. There is the possiblity of 1500 additional houses being dropped on South Abingdon in the new area plan for the period up to the year 2026. The consultation ends on 27th February. Either Abingdon or Wantage could be chosen to accommodate these extra houses.

The brown squiggly area on the map above, is where the proposed houses would go if Abingdon was chosen.

Within Abingdon the preferred area is A, west of the Drayton Road. Area B between Virginia Way and Oday Hill is another option.

This is Area A as it looked today, looking towards Masefield Crescent from the bridlepath connecting Mill Lane and Drayton

This is Area B with Virginia Way on the right and Drayton Road beyond the trees.


Anonymous John said...

..the hook road around to Tesco roundabout is essential, whatever. I doubt that a new bridge over the Thames is wanted, and certainly not as a noisy price for the South and Marina to pay. The new houses look to be the other part of the price to pay. Town centre might lose out further..
If the houses are built beware of the clay base to those hill slopes, too!

22 February 2009 20:39  

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