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Monday, 12 January 2009

The old music shop

The Scaffolding was put up at the old music shop last Wednesday.

Up the front and over the top...

but down round the back it has already been taken down. That work has been done. The building is being refitted with flats above, and a shop just on the bottom story.

It used to be a two-story music shop with: CDs, sheet music, and instruments, and above it all: children's music lessons in the rooms above the shop, accessed by the old fire escape.

Now, Abingdon is a musical place with musicians and bands but no music shop.


Blogger Martin G said...

As a musician myself, I was very sad to see the shop go as I bought all my gear there over the last twenty years. What with Russell Acott gone in Oxford, it is very hard to get those strings 'n' things now.

12 January 2009 10:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mostly Books stocks music books (piano syllabus books, etc.) but alas no instruments...

12 January 2009 20:36  

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