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Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year's Day - Walk 2

The Abingdon Boundary walk began on the Market Place, and followed the 1556 town boundaries - as close as possible, but missing out the bit where the chamberlain used to swim the river.

The Town Crier announced each stop by wishing everybody a 'Happy New Year.'

and Martin Smith described the old town boundaries as we went.

The walk differed from all previous years, in that the Abbey Millstream could be crossed at the new bridge, and so we probably kept closer to the original boundary.

Then we crossed the weir to end where Abingdon had a little land on the far bank.

This boundary stone marks the spot. It is currently being used by the envionment agency as a gate latch. Here is Martin Smith and a lady over from France, who managed to do the walk in high heels. The going was firm, and ice remained on some puddles.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my friends and i had a very interesting walk we really had a good morning thank you, from six friends from Dukinfield Cheshire

5 January 2009 16:21  

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