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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A new bollard

Down near Saint Helen's Wharf, the metal barrier, which used to impede wheeled access, was removed last year. It was neither wheelchair nor baby-buggy friendly, and had to be got rid of in these post Disability Discrimination Act times.

The replacement was a traditional bollard which fits in better with the traditional looking wharf.

Many thanks to Colin, an ex-pat Abingdonian, for sending this picture of the Wharf. He started scanning old negatives onto the computer, and found this one taken by his dad.


Anonymous hester said...

Well - people (not me!) say Abingdon is a bit quiet now - looks like the same applied when that photo was taken! Or perhaps they'd just had a good lunch in the Anchor!

21 January 2009 17:17  
Blogger Helen said...

I love this old photo ... thank you.

22 January 2009 16:34  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

It is a very good picture. I hope there are more.

23 January 2009 00:46  
Anonymous This Charming Manc said...

Great picture with real character!

23 January 2009 19:43  

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