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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Stratton Way - 3 years on

One plan likely to go ahead, early in 2009, is that the road at the top end of Stratton Way will get widened, and the pavement narrowed. Traffic going straight on (like this car and another half dozen behind) will no longer get stuck behind traffic turning right. It may scupper any chance of a shared cycle lane on the pavement though.

Time has moved on for the subway. The pedestrian crossing ,you can see further down, was put in on a temporary basis some years ago and worked so well it stayed. It is nearer where pedestrians want to go, and nearer the repositioned bus stops. There is little chance that it will be removed, even though it does not work so well in the AbITs (2006) traffic system.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would it not be more sensible to move the Stratton Way pedestrian crossing to the bottom of Bath Street so that pedestrians then use the subway rather than hold up the traffic even more

8 January 2009 09:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the other hand, let's encourage walking rather than cars cars cars everywhere.

8 January 2009 19:10  

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