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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Flood Meeting

The first picture shows Turbeville Close in South Abingdon in July 2007, and was taken by me.

The other pictures are thanks to a young lady who lives in Turbeville. She, her brother, and mum and dad were flooded out for over a year.

This week a meeting is to be held to set up a flood group or groups along the River Ock - depending on response. 900 odd fliers have gone out. The meeting will be...

Date: 22 January 2009
Time: 19:00 - 20:30
Location: 35, Ock Street Community Centre (in front of the Baptist Church).

This meeting is to enable residents to come together to look at ways to respond to the threat of flooding including amelioration measures, arranging community warnings and actions, and emergency planning. And as a group they will be able to get funding and help from councils and other authorities.

There will also be advice on protecting property.

(There is already a longstanding campaigning group called SAFAG - South Abingdon Floodplain Action Group, but as I understand it they are more a pressure group, wheras the new groups will be more about getting people working together at a local level. Another flood group on the River Stert has also been set up.)

Finally the River Ock wending its way to Abingdon tonight, just after the mill, and just before sunset, and secure in its banks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any idea who has called or organised this meeting?

18 January 2009 09:09  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Sam Bowring, local councillor.

18 January 2009 13:10  

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