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Saturday, 31 January 2009

PRCC- Stand up

The first time I've seen stand up comedy in Abingdon. You can go most weeks in Oxford but here it is a rarity.

Andy Kind, from Stoke, and Tony Vino from Preston made a 300 mile round trip to be at Preston Road Community Centre. (The event was hosted by the Vineyard Church who normally put on a cabaret for the local community in January.)

The comedians did build up a good rapport with the front two tables where the Older and Bolder Fitness group were sitting, especially a lady called Eileen. "So when are you going to show us one of your back flips then Eileen?"

Tony did try to find out a bit about Abingdon from the audience. He said 'Since you are so near Oxford, is it posh living here in Abingdon?'.

Somebody said 'No'.

Somebody else added "Its going down hill. All the shops are closing."

"Thats the recession" said Tony.

"But it happened in Abingdon first."


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