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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Adams Closes

On 31st Dec 2008 Price Waterhouse were appointed as the receivers for Adams kidswear. A week later they have decided that 111 Adams Stores should close immediatly. The Abingdon store was among those to go. 160 elsewhere are to stay open as Price Waterhouse try to sell them as a going concern.

This photocopied sheet is all there is in the window of the Abingdon Adams to say what has happened.

Where can you now buy children's clothes in Abingdon? De Paaw closed last year, Adams have just gone, and Woolworths are into their last day?


Anonymous hester said...

The answer of course is Tesco! and I was about to add that the problem also applies to all small household or hardware goods (hooks, screws, bits and pieces like that - and "everyday" crockery etc) then I remembered Stroll-in and Lewis Baker. Perhaps they should be encouraged/helped to market themselves a bit more to remind people that we don't have to go to Fairacres for everything.

Going back to children's clothes, as you say that is a real gap now -perhaps the Vale could encourage/incentivise the new precinct owners to make that a priority.

6 January 2009 10:53  

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