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Saturday, 29 November 2008

New Discount Shop

Where Dawsons used to be, a new discount shop has opened up today. Most things are priced at £1, with a few things a bit more. They say they will be here after Christmas.

The big question is will Woolworths. Here are the Abbey Brass playing carols outside: "Oh Come all ye faithful!".

Friday, 28 November 2008

Extravaganza - young ones

Somebody commented they wanted a picture of the 'beavers, brownies, etc'. I didn't get any very good ones this year. The best I could do are ...

Rush Common children and teachers

Ed, the magician, from the Abingdon's Got Talent Winners.

Jay, the harpest - another winner. She performed at St Nics Church later in the evening.

And this group, next to Paul Burkett - also an Abingdon's got talent winner.

The Abingdon Herald got better. Out on Wednesday.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Christmas Extravaganza - Continued

The Christmas Extravaganza Evening had a Victorian Theme.

There were a lot of chimney sweeps about. Dick Van Dyke could have walked about unnoticed. These two Dick Van Dyke look-a-likes normally work at Abingdon Flowers but were present at the Gift Centre.

Here are the young ladies at The finishing touch

Mark at Mostly Books

Peter Wiblin from West End Newsagents. He is on the front page of the Abingdon Herald today, with an article about the precinct, under the headline "Traders' fears for revamp"

The sub title is 'Clock ticks away on £2m plans' The date when something should have happened is approaching.

Since this picture was taken 24 hours ago Woolworths, at the end of the precinct, has gone into administration.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Christmas Extravaganza - The Lights

The lights were turned on by the Abingdon's Got Talent winners.

Best Shop front competition went to the finishing touch.

Father Christmas was there.

And Punch & Judy.

Helen and Douglas House won the fancy dress shop competition.

This shot of the fireworks was taken by Elizabeth Drury on the roof of the County Hall.

And this was taken by me from down below.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Petrol Pumps to be Scrapped

The BP Garage on the Vineyard is getting new fuel tanks fitted.

During the refitt, there are only two petrol stations operating in Abingdon. Gone are the days, of a few years ago, when Abingdon had six (the two on the Drayton Road and the one on Lodge Hill are gone for good).

These E.T style petrol pumps are likely to be scrapped.

Time to say a last 'goodbye':



Monday, 24 November 2008

Colmar - an interesting few days

One for the twin town followers...

Colmar Book Fair has been on for the last couple of days. The theme this year is "la nuit" - the night. A couple of visitors went to represent the Abingdon and District Twin Town Society. They took local produce for visitors to the fair to sample.

This year's twin towns Mayors conference was also to be in Colmar, but it had to been called off late in the day because Colmar is without a Mayor. A temporary administration is in place.

The first picture shows the elected Mayor of Colmar after his win in March. He won by 50% to 49% in March.

The second picture shows the Mayor leaving office in October after the administration of Alsace annulled the election. A judicial challenge has been made against the election result and the elections will be re-run on 30th Nov & 7th Dec.

So lots happening in Colmar. All to be found on the internet.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Charity Christmas Cards

I've started early this year getting charity cards from the Bear Room in the Guildhall. They have cards for sale from forty or fifty different charities.

The Scouts and Guides are operating the Christmas post service again this year. The service covers Abingdon, Radley, Shippon and Dalton Barracks, and there are post-boxes in 16 locations including the one in the Bear Room. Its 15p a card.

A possible card for next year is this one designed by Maurice, who works at the Guildhall. He would love for it to become a Macmillan Cancer Care Card. Its on display on the mantlepiece of the Bear Room.