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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Pre Season River Events

Preparations were underway today for the Abingdon Spring Head of the River events tomorrow. This is a chance for rowing crews to warm up for the Regatta season. There are 272 crews in all rowing. The event starts at about 9:30 and carries throughout most of the day.

They say 'Come and celebrate 50 years of the Abingon Rowing Club' with us.

It is also the pre-season for Salter Steamer cruises . Regular cruises start on 17th May, but there was a booked cruise today, and another on May 9th, which members of the public can join...

Most of the passengers went inside. One said 'We are being cowards.'

Friday, 18 April 2008

Gallery - Spring Flowers in Abingdon

In the Snow

Over the River

By the River

In Albert Park

In the Guildhall this Saturday... Save Radley Lakes Spring Fair.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Something doesn't love this fence

This wire net fence divides the Masefield Crescent play area that side, and the dog walking field this side. Over the years the fence has been mended and broken many many times. Its even more broken at the top end of the field along the main dog walking way. I cannot blame ne'er-do-wells ... there is just something doesn't love this fence.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Our Man in Lettings

Thanks Greg from Blue Door Lettings for his comment yesterday. Greg has an amusing blog called 'Our Man in Lettings'. He is now a part of Abingdon History being one of the last to vacate the Old Gaol buildings about to undergo redevelopment. In his own words and pictures:

"Here you can see my window in the middle of the top floor, the Old Gaol boarded up behind to the left and the Police Station to the right. We'll see how it all looks in a couple of years' time...."

"It is with some sadness that we have left number 25 Bridge Street to its fate at the hands of Cranborne Homes but with men in suits spraying the walls with words like 'poor' and 'danger' we thought it was time to go.Our new place is at 5-7 Stert Street just next to Pizza Express, across the road from Added Ingredients, up the road from Pamela Lucas and Mostly Books and above a stock broker. We are in good company..."

Here is his view up Stert Street. You'll have to visit Our Man in Lettings to see the view down Stert Street. Its worth it.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

To Let Signs getting Bigger

If these signs in the town centre are anything to go by

TO LET signs are getting bigger.

Monday, 14 April 2008

The River Thames Revisited

This new book shows scenes from Lechlade to the Houses of Parliament taken by Henry Taunt. Abingdon gets the front and back cover for some reason.

Two photographers have recreated the scenes in colour.
Admittedly, their pictures are better than this one of mine, but they have not lined up the edge of Old Anchor Inn with the third Almshouse chimney quite as well as I think I have.

The Henry Taunt pictures will form part of an exhibition at Abingdon Museum later in the year. The long victorian exposures make sure that there is not a single swan or duck or ripple to be seen, and the reflections are like a mirror

Sunday, 13 April 2008

An Escape from Endless Reality TV Shows

The Daleks are coming on May 4th. Are You?

Just one of many attractions at the Annual ABINGDON Air and Country Show. There will be the usual flying display, vintage vehicles, craft fayre and trade stalls. Last time I did a blog post on the event was way back in 2006. Yesterday the organisers were selling advance tickets on the Market Place. You can also get advance tickets at The Warehouse (near Coxeters).

Also, the Town Crier was going around bellowing out '... turn off the television. Escape from those endless Reality TV shows. Come watch a real drama at the Unicorn Theatre. Separate Tables by Terrence Rattigan performed by the Abingdon Drama Club (Wed 16 - 19 Apr at 7.30pm) ... God Save the Queen!'

Then he'd go 10 yards and bellow the same thing '... Escape from those endless Reality TV shows... God Save the Queen!'