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Saturday, 13 December 2008

St Michael's Transformed

The work at St. Michael's is finished! The pews are gone, and the chairs should soon arrive.

The first service will be Sung Mass at 9.30 am tomorrow, 14th Dec 2008. It is the one church in Abingdon where you are likely to get incense thrown in.

Their big service of the year, the Carol Service, will happen on Christmas Eve at 6pm.

This Victorian church has been transformed. As a central feature, there is a labyrinth and centralised font. The heating and social rooms have also been modernised.

Thanks to John for the pictures. He also sent me the before picture.

But their vicar will soon be leaving, and they and St Nic's, who share a team vicar, will be looking for a replacement. The outgoing team vicar, Revd Dr Peter Doll, is to become the Canon Librarian of Norwich Cathedral - responsible for Education and the large historical library at the Cathedral.


Blogger Helen said...

What an incredibly beautiful church .... I can imagine sitting there surrounded by others, music playing, candles glowing, incense filling the air.

13 December 2008 14:56  

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