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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Happy Christmas Radley Lakes

Just one week to go...

It was a good day for Thrupp Lake, the lake at the centre of the 'Save Radley Lakes' campaign. The announcement was made that it has been saved for good.

It was a good day for the Water Vole. In future the lake will be kept for the benefit of the wild life, and local people.

It should have been a good day for the man from npower, and the Save Radley Lakes campaigners. Finally they could agree about the lake's future.

It was also a good day for the house called Sandles. First it had been home to Eco Warriers, then a barracks for security men: finally it can become a wildlife education centre.

All the fly ash from Didcot Power Station is to be used by WRG (Waste Recyling Group) for covering and treating their waste, rather than filling in the lake. The man from npower said it was "Win, win all round... and a Happy Christmas present for everybody concerned with Radley Lakes.'


Anonymous Lakesaver said...

I know the Abingdon Blog is looked at regularly - so I will use it say a huge big "thankyou" to all Save Radley Lakes supporters, and particularly those who kept faith in our efforts for over three and half years or more, enabling us to keep going and bring the campaign to a satisfactory conclusion. There is still a big legal bill to pay though, so the fundraising will have to go on for some time. Please continue to support us.

19 December 2008 00:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a shame that they had to destroy so many mature trees devestate the islands build concrete platforms roadways & erect rubber surrounds all around the lake.Before deciding that they didn't need it anyway. What a waste of time & money. And destruction of many creatures homes. Power to the people of Radley.Congratulations!
Sue Small..

19 December 2008 00:50  

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