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Monday, 24 November 2008

Colmar - an interesting few days

One for the twin town followers...

Colmar Book Fair has been on for the last couple of days. The theme this year is "la nuit" - the night. A couple of visitors went to represent the Abingdon and District Twin Town Society. They took local produce for visitors to the fair to sample.

This year's twin towns Mayors conference was also to be in Colmar, but it had to been called off late in the day because Colmar is without a Mayor. A temporary administration is in place.

The first picture shows the elected Mayor of Colmar after his win in March. He won by 50% to 49% in March.

The second picture shows the Mayor leaving office in October after the administration of Alsace annulled the election. A judicial challenge has been made against the election result and the elections will be re-run on 30th Nov & 7th Dec.

So lots happening in Colmar. All to be found on the internet.


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