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Sunday, 2 November 2008


The last few days have seen a variety of contractors coming to play their part in the transformation of this shop on the Market Place. In the last twenty four hours the sign 'COFFEE REPUBLIC' has gone up.

It was once an Estate Agent's.

Kitchen and Bathroom Transformations have just moved in to one of the front units at Coxeters. They were previously round the corner but have expanded.

It was Oxford Beds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what's happening to the shop that used to be Dawsons music shop? There was a rumour that it was becoming a hardware shop, but there are few signs of that happening at the moment.

2 November 2008 12:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They workmen are still working in there but the discount kitchen equipment shop run by 'Laidlaw Supplies' are thought to have backed out.

2 November 2008 22:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know at least one shop in Abingdon interested in taking over Dawsons, but there's no signs or contact details to get in touch.

Laidlaw backed out after seeing the footfall figures for Abingdon.

4 November 2008 11:51  

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