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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Petrol Pumps to be Scrapped

The BP Garage on the Vineyard is getting new fuel tanks fitted.

During the refitt, there are only two petrol stations operating in Abingdon. Gone are the days, of a few years ago, when Abingdon had six (the two on the Drayton Road and the one on Lodge Hill are gone for good).

These E.T style petrol pumps are likely to be scrapped.

Time to say a last 'goodbye':




Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was also a second petrol station on the Vineyard on the opposite side of the road - it was also a Vauxhall dealership, you could also get petrol from the current Vauxhall garage along ock street but back then it was a Ford dealership, so was that 8?

24 November 2008 23:03  
Anonymous hester said...

..and there was one in either East or West St Helens Street!

But then I guess the Tesco and Esso garages weren't there then so I suppose these things have always come and gone.

25 November 2008 08:34  

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