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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Christmas Extravaganza - Continued

The Christmas Extravaganza Evening had a Victorian Theme.

There were a lot of chimney sweeps about. Dick Van Dyke could have walked about unnoticed. These two Dick Van Dyke look-a-likes normally work at Abingdon Flowers but were present at the Gift Centre.

Here are the young ladies at The finishing touch

Mark at Mostly Books

Peter Wiblin from West End Newsagents. He is on the front page of the Abingdon Herald today, with an article about the precinct, under the headline "Traders' fears for revamp"

The sub title is 'Clock ticks away on £2m plans' The date when something should have happened is approaching.

Since this picture was taken 24 hours ago Woolworths, at the end of the precinct, has gone into administration.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone got any pictures of the beavers, brownies, etc that braved the cold with no coats for the parade? They all did very well staying up so late for the fireworks, etc.

27 November 2008 19:17  

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