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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Temporary Footpath Closure

The footpath over one side of the Drayton Road has been closed for a few days.

A new road junction is being created.

This is where the Esso Service Station and Cross Roads Garage once stood. The planned housing on the site were probably put back by the aftermath of the floods last year.

The side view of the same development, taken from near the River Ock, shows that the floor level should be above any future flooding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There have been so many housing developments recently. I had heard there was yet to be another along the Northcourt Road? Will they sell I wonder.

4 November 2008 05:34  
Blogger valonia said...

The road leading to the Marina and park off South Quay is also closed for resurfacing.

Hopefully, there will be less rude words written in the wet concrete this time around!

4 November 2008 13:59  

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