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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Co-op Building - October progress

This is the view down Lombard Street. The four-storey block fits well into the street scene.

The pavement has been laid, and the shop windows are being put in, and it will soon be time to knock out the brieze blocks that have kept it secure while it was windowless. But lets hope it still turns out to be a Co-op. There are doubts because we also have a Somerfield in Abingdon...

From the Scotsman on 21 October 2008 'THE Co-operative's £1.6 billion takeover of Somerfield has been given the green light by competition watchdogs in a move cementing its place as the UK's fifth-biggest supermarket chain. But the Co-op will have to offload at least 126 stores to address competition concerns in local grocery markets, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) said.'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmm. Give up a brand new, purpose-built property in West St Helen's Street, or an existing due-for-refurbishment, relatively-expensive property in the precinct. Tough choice...

Rumour has it that M&S Simply Food looked at Somerfield two years ago. Not sure they'd want it now though...fingers crossed though!

4 November 2008 11:53  

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