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Monday, 1 December 2008

Co-op Building - November progress

There is a 'To Let' sign in one of the upstairs flats. The downstairs windows were put in late last week and coloured vinyl prints added. There are cold storage shelves being put inside the shop. We are probably looking at a February opening date now.

The pavement, and a cobbled area in front look finished. There used to be parking bays opposite the Co-op, which were taken away while it was built.

We learnt earlier in the month that there are plans for the Post-Office to move in with the Co-op.


Blogger Helen said...

Many years ago I visited friends in Abingdon ... I've never forgotten how special the city is and how much I enjoyed the experience. From there we toured much of the country - south to Lands End, to the Lake District, to the Cotswolds. I found your blog accidentally when I googled Abingdon. Thanks for letting me visit.

1 December 2008 18:21  

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