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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Abingdon Michaelmas Street Fair - 2 of 3

Despite threats of rain the weather kept dry. It was a squeeze getting along Ock Street with all the crowds. Just a few pictures of some of the rides.

Jungle Fever with the County Hall alongside

The swing roundabout near Vauxhall Belingers.



Storm. This is one of the two highest rides. Its a giant rotating arm with a little cage at each end.

Finally Chaos.


Blogger Rachel M said...

Fantastic pics as always. Nice to see the tradition of the fair continuing. I first went in 1973 aged 5. We had friends who lived so close to the big wheel that riders could see into their bathroom!

I no longer live in Abingdon but visit family there regularly. Thanks to checking out This Abingdon daily I often know more about what's going on than my dad just up the Radley Road. Keep up the good work!

7 October 2008 21:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have mentioned before on this blog some time ago; I too used to live in Abingdon but now in NZ and LOVE visiting this site...often informing my folks of the lastest goings-on (they are in North Ab)!
It is so informative and always with such great photos - THANK YOU :-)

8 October 2008 05:15  

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