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Sunday, 5 October 2008

New Shop, Old Pavement

Faulkner Photography have been kitting out the new studio on Lombard Street. This was once the Crystals shop, and for a short while the Acupunture Centre.

The footfall down this way will improve once the Co-op opposite opens.

That orange cone has been there since the time of the West Saint Helen Street Hole. Further down, near the ambulance car, there is a white square painted to say "we are aware" round another rickety pavement.

There was a lot of work patching the road in the aftermath of the Hole. But not yet the pavements.


Anonymous st_helens_man said...

I've only recently moved to the area... what exactly is the West St Helen's Hole?

6 October 2008 15:31  
Anonymous alan lovedog said...

it was a hole that just appeared in the middle of west st helens street.
a few dwarves came out speaking a strange language but there was a government cover up.

6 October 2008 21:02  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

That is one theory, but the more likely cause I'm afraid is not quite so exciting. We were told an old Victorian Storm Drain had collapsed. A twelve foot hole suddenly opened up one Sunday morning down the bottom of West St Helen Street. We all had a good look down before it was fenced off. It closed the road for 10 days.

6 October 2008 22:39  
Anonymous st_helens_man said...

Wow! I'll be careful to not tread too heavily next time I am walking down the road then...

7 October 2008 08:59  

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