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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Global Awareness Badge

When over in Abingdon, Virginia, for the 230th anniversary celebrations, Pat, our Mayor, and several other visitors, were interviewed about life in the UK by this young lady - Claire, aged 9. She was working on her global awareness Girl Scout badge.

Claire was suprised so much was alike, and that children in the UK have the same games and toys - like Barbies, and enjoy the same things like computers and dance class. She heard about differences between the towns, such as the more readily available bus and rail services over here. In Abingdon, Virginia, properties are more spaced out, and there is far less public transport.

Claire found it funny that what she calls "hiking" we call "rambling." (she lives close to the Appalachian Trail where hiking is big). To her "going to go raaahhmmbling" sounds much more romantic spoken in a British accent. (Thanks to her mum Leslie for most of the words here.)


Anonymous JRSmith said...

Pictured in the Global Awareness Badge photo along with Claire are John & Anne Smith. We have a personal letter given to us by Claire seeking a "penpal" to help her complete her Girl Scout Global Awareness Badge. Claire is 9 years old. If you can help, please contact
Thank you

22 October 2008 12:44  

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